Think Trash, Not Toilet!

Why put trash in a trash can, not the toilet? Trash, hair and grease in the sewer pipes create overflows which can harm human health and the French Broad River. Wastewater treatment plants use natural processes to turn dirty water into clean water and fertilizer before it is returned to the environment. Not all chemicals found in medicines, cleaners and personal products can be removed during treatment.

How to dispose of trash properly:

  • Don't put grease, fats, or oil of any type down your drain or garbage disposal.

  • Think trash not toilets. Flushing the wrong thing down the toilet damages your household plumbing, your environment and the wastewater treatment system. If it isn't biodegradable, put it in the trash instead of the toilet.

  • Choose natural, simple, biodegradable products and help keep chemicals out of our environment. Nothing disappears - drains and toilets are the first step to a clean French Broad River.