The contract documents on this website are provided as a courtesy to interested parties. Contractors who plan to submit a bid for District projects must be a registered plan holder and must purchase an official set of plans and specifications, as detailed in the advertisement.

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IMPORTANT Notice to Bidders
DWG Springside Rd. at Overlook Rd. Plans
CVR Cover
TITLE Title Page
TOC Table of Contents
I Advertisement
II ISO14001 Info Sheet
III Instructions to Bidders
IV General Conditions
V Special Conditions
VI Technical Specifications
VII Minority Businesses
VIII Non-Collusive Affidavit
IX Measure & Pay
IX-A Bid Form
X Proposal
XI Bid Bond Form
XII Notice of Award
XIII Agreement
XIV Performance and Payment Bonds
XV Certificate of Insurance
XVI Notice To Proceed
XVII Consent to Change Order
XVIII Application for Payment
XIX Tax Certification
XX Contractors Certification
XXI Final Certificate and Release