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Call MSD first to report backups, overflows, stopages, sewerage in creeks, sewer odors, or any sewer related problems.

CALL NOW: 828-255-0061, Answered 24/7.

Administrative Offices

Prior to contacting any of the individuals listed below, please check our FAQs section to see if your question is answered there.

To contact any of the following MSD areas by phone, call 828-254-9646.

Planning and Development

Sewer Services Allocations - Email .
New Sewer Constructions - Email .
Sewer System Transfers - Email .

Construction Inspections

Inspections. Email .


CIP, Design Drafting, Survey, Project Managers. Fax: 828-232-5537.
Email .


Accounting - Email .
Billing - Email .
Purchasing - Email .


Mapping Requests and Inquiries. Email .

Human Resources

Employee Benefits, Payroll - Email .
Job Openings, Training - Email .

Industrial Waste & Pretreatment

Permits and Inspections. Email .


Acquisition, Negotiations, Documentation. Fax: 828-232-5537. Email .

System Services

Maintenance Issues: Sewer backups, stopages, overflows, locates and preventative maintenance.

Call 828-255-0061. Email .

Construction Issues: Sewer tap schedule and sewer line repairs.

Call 828-255-0061. Email: .

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Operations, Maintenance, Electrical, Laboratory, Plant Tours. Call: 828-225-8224.
Email .

General Information

General Manager, Board & Committee Meeting Information, Legal Matters, Presentations. Fax: 828-254-3299. Email general inquires to .